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We are on a mission.

I have always worn a headwrap ever since I was a child. I am Haitian so it’s part of our culture. My mother, Grandmother and Great Grandmother always wore one so it was perfectly natural for me. I used to think they look so regal and bold and always stood out - I wanted to feel that way too. I wear my headwrap because it makes me feel confident and strong. Like I’m ready to tackle the world! I am a wife, mother, sister, aunt and friend and all things in between but mostly I am a Woman. 

Our headwraps are sourced all around the world. We are inspired by women and so only buy from women. Women also cut and sew our headwraps right here in London. They come in a range of different fabrics and colours and can be tied in various styles. They look great and are so easy to put on. Perfect for a beginner, as well as the advanced headwrapper, each headwrap comes with β€˜How to knots’ easy-to-follow instructions. 

We want you to stand tall, feel empowered and divine when wearing one of our head wraps, like a Queen with a Crown.