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Be a queen with a crown.


Stand tall, feel empowered and be divine when wearing a head wrap designed by Knots. Head wraps have been around for hundreds of years and were worn by our mothers and their mothers before them. They are versatile, practical and accentuate the wearer's beauty. Our mission is to continue this wonderful tradition.

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And that's a wrap.

Having a bad hair day? Toss on a wrap. They are a fun way to add extra flair to your look. We hope you'll find inspiration to be more creative and expressive in your everyday life. 



This is how we do it.

If you are looking for simple and stylish, a head wrap is the answer for you. Head wraps by Knots look great, fit almost any head size and are so incredibly easy to put on. 

Our Story

We are bound together.

Knots' mission is clear: to help you feel beautiful and empowered no matter how old you are, what you look like or where you come from.  

 Stunning fabrics sourced from women across the world, our head wraps are made by women in London for women of all backgrounds world wide.